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How to register a website to Google Analytics?

Posted at December 15th, 2019 | Categorised in How to
How to register a website to Google Analytics and Place Verify Code on the Website? This important for all websites or blogs, esspecially new web/blog.
Google Analytics is a free service owned by Google that is useful for websites: displays statistics and analyzes the behavior of website visitors, so that we as website owners can find out which keywords are most sought after and needed by netizens.
With this, we can also understand the extent to which the effectiveness of the content that we have created on our website. This makes us more selective in choosing article titles.
Therefore, registering a website to google analytics is very important for websites, especially new websites.
  1. Visit https://analytic.google.com, and then click sign up
  2. Create new acount name
    This name may not be the same as the name of your website, because this is only the name of your account on Google Analytics. This account can later be used to register more than one website. so if you have 10 websites, then 1 account is enough, which you will register this.
  3. Account Data Sharing Settings, leave everything in a checklist condition as in the example image below.
    and then click Create
  4. Like in the previous step, even in this step there is no need to change the options, just set the default which is web. because you are currently registered for help analyzing the website. and then Create



  5. Next step you will create analytic properties. this is when you enter: site name, site url, site category and reporting time zone.
    Site category: if you click the arrow, there are quite a lot of choices. Choose the one that suits your site. Reporting time zone: the default is America, if you change it to Indonesia, the timezone will automatically change to Jakarta. And then, click Create
  6. After click Create, you will be taken to the approval page. then click agree
  7. If all the registration steps have been passed, we will get a code UA-**********
    (the code in this image is closed with a green line) Copy the code, then open the blogger page >>> settings >>> Google Analytics, paste it in the column.
  8. Back to image page number 6, there is a script circled with a red circle, copy the script then open the blogger page >>> theme >>> edit HTML, look for the </Head> code and paste the script above the </Head> code then click save
  9. Done

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