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How to download files that refer to storage on Google Drive?

Posted at October 18th, 2020 | Categorised in How to

How to download files that refer to storage on Google Drive? This method is important to know for netizens who like to download files from the internet, because download site owners usually like to direct the download file link to storage on Google Drive.

There are 2 tutorial to download which will be explained in this article:


  • Click the Download / Download link! This is the first step for downloading any file.
  • Select Download Result Storage Email. If your device is synchronized with more than 1 email, an optional pop up like the image below will appear. Choose an email account!
  • Click the Arrow Symbol on the Download Page! Look at the picture below! this is the preview page for file owners in Google Drive, but I call it the download page. Because this page is also the page where the download process executes for downloaders by clicking the arrow symbol.
  • on this page you can also print documents by clicking the printer icon without downloading the file.


This second method is used by the downloader if the owner of the download file does not open the privacy of the file before sharing the link.

  • Click the download link / download! Select the email address where the download file is stored!
  • Click send message! An e-mail message asking the file owner to open file privacy on google drive.
  • Wait. .What are you waiting for? The downloader must wait for the file owner to open file privacy in Google Drive.
  • Waiting for email reply. Waiting for an email reply what does that mean? after the owner of the file gets a message requesting open access, then he opens the privacy of the file and replies to you “please”. Well, this message usually includes a link that you can click to access the download page.
  • Click the arrow symbol. This is for downloading files, as in method one.
  • Done

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