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How to Register a Website to Google Search Console?

Posted at October 30th, 2020 | Categorised in How to

How to Register a Website to Google Search Console? Read this article to the end! Registering a website with GSC-Webmaster (Google Search Console) is as important as registering a website with Google Analytics (GA)

Registering your website with GA and GSC is the most important step in optimizing your website.

Even if you have many ways to optimize your website, without GA and GSC everything will not be worth it. You will lose to compete on search engines.

Step 1 – Access the google search console site.

There are 3 ways to get to the registration page on the gsc site:

  • by typing the URL of the registration page,
  • by typing “google search console” at google search engine,
  • by clicking “google search console”  in the settings menu on the blogspot admin dashboard, if your website is hosted on blogger.com.

If it is on the google search console homepage, click start

Type your Website Url

Look! In the example image above, there is one column marked with a yellow box, and one column marked with a green box.
  • If you are a wordpress user, enter your website url in the column marked with the yellow box.
  • If you are a blogger user, enter your blog url at column marked with the green box.

why is it differentiated? because websites hosted on blogger usually use www, while websites hosted on wordpress are usually without www.

And then click continue, you will be taken to the site ownership verification page.

On the site ownership verification page, you will be given the option to determine how the google search console will verify your website.

Select a Verification Method

In this tutorial, I chose HTML.

Copy the code and paste it

# Website_Blogger.com

Copy the code and paste it between the <head> and </head> blogger templates.

If you use a premium template, usually premium template sellers have provided <meta content> for placement of the webmaster’s GSC verification code under <! – [Meta Tag SEO] ->
If it has been pasted, don’t forget to click save.

If your website is hosted on wordpress, at this step it’s better to use the yoast plugin,

  • Install the Yoast plugin,
  • if it has been installed then activate it. Find the webmaster tools column.
  • Paste the verification code in that column. Don’t forget to click save.

Verify Website!

After saving changes to the html template, you must return to the google search console page and click verify.
If the script installation in the template is correct, then usually there will be a black notification popup “successful verification!”.


That’s How to Register a Website to Google Search Console. Your next task is to link google analytics with the google search console.

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