How to submit article to the Google Search Console?

How to submit article to the Google Search Console? This is very important for people who are new to creating websites.

articles of all types of websites: company websites, online learning websites, online store websites and personal websites (usually blogs) are very important to be submitted to the google search console.

Submit is recommended if you want your articles to be indexed by the Google search engine immediately.


Actually all website content will be indexed, but the index will take a long time if we don’t specifically request for it by “submit”.

How to submit article to the Google Search Console?
  • Register your site to google search console!
  • Submit sitemap.xml
  • Copy the url of the article
  • Log in to the google search console dashboard >> Menu >> Properties >> URL inspection
  • Click the search icon >> Paste the url. If the copied url is from the mobile version view, usually the url ends after .html there is? ?m = 1, so delete it  the ?M = 1 previously >> Enter.
  • Wait a few seconds for the crawling process ………… If what you submit is a new article, the results will be like the image below.
  • Click request indexing. Then wait for the url testing process by the GSC bot. Usually the testing process takes less than 1 minute. Until a pop up appears like this
  • Click OK. Now you just have to wait for the article to appear on the google search engine.

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