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How to Share Download Files Stored on Google Drive?

Posted at October 18th, 2020 | Categorised in How to

How to Share Download Files Stored on Google Drive? As free storage memory with a large capacity, Google Drive is the most popular storage place for all bloggers.

Apart from being free and large capacity, the Google Drive dashboard is very easy to use. Mobile friendly too.

by saving on google drive, we can save storage on cellphones and in cpanel.

So, how to share downloaded files stored on Google Drive?

  • First save the file to Google Drive.
  • Open the file that has been saved.
  • Place the mouse pointer on the file that will be shared.
  • Right click.
  • Click Share. This will open the “Share with others and groups” pop-up
    Cara Share File-Download-yang-Disimpan-di-Google-Drive
  • Click Change to anyone with the link. The text will change to this: “Anyone on the internet with this link can see”.
  • Copy the file link. Look at the picture below!


  • There are 2 types of links that can be shared. You don’t get it wrong. Even though both of them can work well, of course the goal of the share is different, right? Single file link : in green is in the pop up panel under the words Get link (Copy link) Account link : Located at the top. That’s your Drive account link (Don’t copy this link if you don’t mean to share all your assets on Google Drive)
  • then click Done.
  • Share the link to the public

There are many strategies for sharing a file download link publicly:

  • You can share the original link on social media: Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS, Linkedin, and so on.
  • You can share it by inserting it into a word in the article.

Don’t forget, you also need to check the download link after the article is published. Who knows, the link is error. Below are the factors that usually cause errors on the download link :

  • You pasted the wrong link.
  • You made the download html code wrong, if it was created in html mode.
  • You made the wrong combination of links. For example: because you want a direct download link to the downloading process not to the download page in the Google Drive file preview, you enter the download code directly, but you forget not to change the previous format.

The following are not errors, but will make you a little confused :

  • very time someone downloads, how come I get an email message asking to open access to Google Drive? That’s because you forgot to change the privacy of the file before the link was inserted into the download article.
  • After sharing 1 download link, many of my files were downloaded. Ha ha. That’s because you copied the wrong link, the link you copied is a storage link for 1 account not 1 file. Because you don’t know about “what is the difference between link 1 file and link 1 account.

That’s How to Share Download Files Stored on Google Drive.

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