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How to fix the problem “Google Play can not start”

Posted at November 9th, 2020 | Categorised in How to

How to fix the problem “Google Play can not start” when updating all android application on Google Playstore?

Problem: you reset android settings, so that all installed applications become the default and need to be updated to the latest version >> you update to the latest version. And then, while the update is in progress, this notification appears “Google Play is unable to run because ………..” How to fix this problem?

Solution if it has happened :

  • Stop the process of updating all running applications, if the notification appears when you are updating all applications.
  • Install one of the following applications in a condition that all other application updates have been stopped:
    Cara Mudah Mengatasi : "Google Play tidak bisa berjalan" saat memperbaharui aplikasi android.
  • Continue updating other applications after the above applications have been installed perfectly.

to Prevent It Happening :

If the problem has already occurred, the installation of the Google Play Service application needs to be processed before updating all Google Play applications.

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