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How to Check Online Activity

Posted at November 13th, 2020 | Categorised in How to

How to Check My Students’ Online Activity? These 3 easy ways to check student online activity : googling (example : google chrome), social media (example : facebook) android (example : keyboard prediction) Please practice in school these steps!

Social Media (Example : Facebook)

  • Check the activity log. All activity is logged in there.
  • Check the search cache. Keywords will appear there. Because the keyword will not be offered if you never click on the magnifying glass icon,
  • Check the status that appears on the homepage. Total and make a percentage table!, which topics are the most. Because fb cookies offer and display things that interest the account owner

In general, the way to check social media accounts is like that, including Instagram and YouTube.

Googling (Example : by Google Chrome)

  • Check history (visit and search history) Check keywords on search engines … just like on Facebook, the Google search engine has a very strong search track record. Even if the application has been updated to the latest version or Android has been reset, search tracks on search engines can still be detected as long as the email used is the same. Check the ads that appear. because the majority of site owners participate in the kokies advertising program, the advertisements that appear are affected by the track record of using the device.

Android (Example : keyboard prediction)

  • The prediction keyboard will always display a randomly generated track record.

Those are some easy ways to check students’ android online activity.

actually there are other ways … but those are some of the easiest ways to do it.

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