How to Delete WhatsApp Group Files by one Click?

Grandfather is a member of several whatsapp groups … Grandpa’s friends in the WhatsApp group, his habit is to share pictures & videos every day … Every time they share a photo file is always downloaded by Grandpa’s Android automatically. So the storage memory is always full, and Grandpa’s Android gets heavy. Websitoes, Please tell grandpa “How to Delete WhatsApp Group Files by one Click?”

Okay grandpa! To Delete WhatsApp Group Files by one Click is from whatsapp settings:

  • open whatsapp grandfather.
  • click the three dots in the upper right corner of android grandpa WA,
  • click settings,
  • click storage and data,
  • click manage storage. Well, here you will find the names of your whatsapp group grandfather.
  • Select the group whose files you want to delete all (choose the ones you hate!)
  • Click select all
  • click the trash icon
  • click delete all copies


  • Click delete
  • Done, Haha.

that’s new feature on whatsapp. Good luck Grandpa!

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