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How to filter the Adsense ads to be friendly visitor

Posted at November 9th, 2020 | Categorised in How to

This article is about how to filter the Adsense ads that appear on blogs to be friendly to all visitors.

the aspect of visitor convenience is an aspect that is prioritized on this blog, so that all visitors get all the benefits of this blog’s existence.

One of the reasons for visitors to be uncomfortable lingering on blogs is the presence of advertisements. Ads that make visitors uncomfortable are ads that are not relevant to the focus of this blog’s discussion. Therefore, I filtered the adsense ads from the publisher account dashboard on the Google Adsense site so that the ads that appear on the blog are only those that are relevant to the blog discussion, so that visitors are comfortable.

How To Filter Adsense Ads That Appear on Blogs To Be Friendly To All Visitors?

  • Login to the dashboard of the publisher account.
  • Control blocking
  • Content. Choose an option: ad review center / all sites / specific sites. Select the ad review center, if you intend to review the ads one by one. Select all sites, if all you want to do is filter ads by category. But this method will produce the same settings for all listed sites, regardless of niche. My advice is to choose a specific site option, so that the resulting settings apply to a particular site, because of course each site is not the same, right?
  • After selecting a specific site option as I suggest, choose one of the following options: manage advertiser url / manage categories sensitive / manage general categories.
  • Select manage advertiser urls, if you only want to block one of the advertisers urls. On the next page enter the url in the block column, later any url that is blocked will appear in the table. Select the option manage sensitive categories, if you want to block only sensitive category ads. Usually there are certain categories that are very sensitive, Select the option manage general categories if you want to see all categories (groupings) of ads. My suggestion is to choose this one, and adjust the ad categories that appear only based on the category that fits the blog niche.

The way to filter adsense ads from the adsense dashboard should be strengthened by increasing the content on blogs that are relevant to the blog niche.

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