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How to Make Image Downloadable on Html Blog?

Posted at November 10th, 2020 | Categorised in How to

How to Make Image Downloadable on Html Blog? The html blog in question is a blog hosted on blogger.com.

Images can only be clicked and downloaded or saved as, only if the image has a url (storage address)

This can happen to an image that belongs to you or someone else whose url is pasted in the image attribute.

This can also happen not only to images contained in a post but also to site header images and images on widgets.

The most important point is that the status of the image is in an existing condition as one of the archives available on the Google Archive.

If you are a blogger user, archiving images on Google Archive is very easy to do.

You only need to upload a new image as a complement or insertion in a post. These steps to it:

  • Login to blogger dashboard >> create a new post Insert an image: click the image icon >> upload from a computer (even if the device you are using is only an Android cellphone)
  • Complete the image attributes: alternative text, image title and image size.
  • Upload posts. In this case, uploading a post is storing the image to the Google archive.
  • Check the results. This can be done by: Visit the posting page, then click the picture. After clicking, the image will appear in a new window.
  • Done.

If you want to retrieve or view the image url, proceed this way:

  • Click the three dots
  • Copy image url.
  • Done.

To make it usable on other pages or other sites:

  • Paste the copied url in the requested column
  • Upload for a header or image widget, for example.

If you copy a text that is equipped with an image or photo from the Microsoft Word worksheet directly to the post article, the image / photo even if it appears will not be clickable because it is not URLED So the main problem is Image URL.

That’s to Make Image Downloadable on Html Blog.

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