How to Report Fake Facebook Account Using Facebook Lite Application

How to Report Fake Facebook Account Using Facebook Lite Application? this latest method that has been practiced by author on November 2020

  • Go to the chronology of the fake or fake account.
  • Click the three dots that are right below the profile photo of the account.
  • Select the option to search for support or report profile.
  • Choose one of several categories: pretend to be someone else, fake account, fake name, post something inappropriate, harassment or bullying (bullying), I can’t access my account, etc. In this case example the suitable problem category is chosen one of the top 3 problems. For example I select the category pretend to be someone else.
  • In the next option, select one of 3 options (pretend to be who): me, friend, celebrity. For example, I choose friends.
  • The next option is to choose which friends? check one of your friends or just use the search field. Confirm the report. My checklist believes that this violates the Facebook community standards. The next page displays a summary of the problem you reported and a notification about the stages of handling the problem, that the report has been received and is in the review stage.

The next page is an alternative advanced option while reporting is in the review and verification stage. Options: Block the account, hide everything from him (not blocked, only privatized from seeing each other’s updates), undo. I don’t think the three need to be selected, just click finish. Check or wait for further info on the support dashboard.

  1. If you are one of the victims, my advice: do not panic …. follow the method I have explained and ask other friends for help to do this method. Especially friends who have old accounts, they have been online for a long time

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