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How to Set Grandparents’ Whatsapp?

Posted at November 4th, 2020 | Categorised in How to

How to Set Grandparents’ Whatsapp? Ideally, Grandparents’ WhatsApp Settings should be made different from the WA Settings for Ladies and Gentlemen, because what they need from WhatsApp is also not the same.

Settingan WhatsApp Kakek-Nenek

Generally, Grandpa and Grandma don’t want to be difficult, the important thing is that WhatsApp can be used to attend children & grandchildren who have not sent food. Or just want to know how all of them are.

the way to set it is:

  • Enlarge the font. Choose the largest. This method can be arranged through Grandparents’ spectacular general android settings. Home screen »Settings» Display »Font Size» Giant. Is this important? Of course it’s important, so that Grandparents ‘eyes don’t hurt.
  • Reduce the frequency of notifications or block notifications that are not important, because it can irritate Grandparents’ heart. This method can be set from the Grandparents whatsapp android application settings. Home screen »Settings» Applications »WhatsApp» Notifications »Block All.
  • Set status update privacy so that it can only be read by a few contacts, for example: so that it can only be seen by family. This method can be adjusted from the settings in the whatsapp application. Home »WhatsApp» Three dots »Settings» Privacy »Account» Status »Just share with» Select multiple Whatsapp contacts »Done. This is important to maintain the privacy of grandparents without disturbing their preference for writing.
  • Make arrangements so that only certain people, or excluding certain people, can add them to the Whatsapp group. This method is important so that the Grandparents are not included in the group carelessly. Especially uncivilized groups. How: Home »WhatsApp» Three dots »Settings» Privacy »Account» Groups »My contacts except ….» Done.
  • Do not apply whatsapp display in dark mode, so that our Grandparents’ personality does not turn metallic.
  • Disable the keyboard prediction feature. This method can be adjusted from the language and input settings »keyboard (eg touchpal)» Turn off spelling prediction. This is important so as not to frequently send chats with predictive spelling, which often results to false sentences.

By making whatsapp settings that are grandparents friendly like that, it means that we protect and love them.

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