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How to Share Links Blocked by Facebook?

Posted at November 19th, 2020 | Categorised in How to

How to Share Links Blocked by Facebook?

  • Type site: https: //www.websitoes.com on the google search engine.
  • Click the magnifying glass icon
  • Copy the link to the search results page Paste on Facebook : status / comments / inbok and so on.

This method will take potential blog visitors to the Google search page where at that time all websitoes.com articles dominate the search engines.

This method is to overcome or is one of the alternative ways to keep the blog accessible to wider netizens on various social media.

For blog / web URLs that are not blocked, this method can be used. This method is even better than sharing the original blog / web URL to Facebook, to minimize spam. Because the whole visitor is directed to the google site, not the blog / web url.

For adsense publisher blogs, this method seems more CPC Friendly, because visitors become organic from the google search engine.

Unfortunately, the links shared on social media do not display the site that you are proud of. The thumbnail will then display the google icon. But I don’t think that’s important.


So for those of you who have experienced a blog / web url blocked on Facebook, you can still share by applying the method I described earlier.

Please try, hopefully useful.

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