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How to stop the adsense ad experiment?

Posted at November 15th, 2020 | Categorised in How to

Experiments to determine the unit, size and placement of ads on blogs is one very important experiment to do. No exception to adsense ads. But while the experiment is going on, sometimes a blog admin comes up with better ideas for placement. So it doesn’t need any more experiments, and wants to stop the ongoing experiments. But the blog admin doesn’t know how to stop it. So, how to stop the adsense ad experiment? read this article to the end!

If our experiment uses a personalized ad unit type, for example:

  • Testing display ad types, size 300 x 250 to place in the right sidebar.
  • Testing ads in article, size 250 x 250 to place in the middle of the article.
  • And so on, based on a specific ad unit , a certain size and placed in a certain place.

The way to stop is by removing the ad code from the widget or template or plugin.

If the experiment uses automatic ad unit type, to stop the experiment is by choose a winner.

How step to stop it? read more!

There are 2 ways on the adsense dashboard to get to that menu:

  • dashboard »ad» by site »pen icon (edit feature) on one of the listed sites» open experiment »keep original» more
  • dasboard »optimization» experiment »select experiment name» arrow symbol »keep original» more

the button you are looking for is the “keep original”

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