How to Use WordPress Categories-Tags Feature

How to Use WordPress Categories-Tags Feature? If your website is on blogger, the categories-tags feature in wordpress is the same as the label feature. It has the same function, namely post labeling.

Categories Feature



Its function is to group articles based on certain categories.

The way to use it is : Method 1 – Select one of the available categories from a collection of categories that have been used. Method 2 – Choose one of the most frequently used. Third way – Add a new category.

Tags Feature



Its function is to group posts based on keywords. if on blogger, this is the same as label.

How to use it is: Option 1 – Write new tags in the tags column, if there are more than one tags, don’t forget to separate them with a comma and a space. Option 2 – Use tags that have been used before, by clicking on one of the names provided below the column. Option 3 – Select a tag from the set of most frequently used tags.

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