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How to Use the WordPress Publish Feature

Posted at November 17th, 2020 | Categorised in How to

How to use the publish feature in wordpress? There are many arrangements that can be made before the article is published. One of them is this feature.


The way to use is very easy:

  • Save Draft. It can be saved in the draft beforehand, for example, because the article is not finished yet.
  • Preview. It can be reviewed beforehand, for example, fear of writing errors before publication.
  • Visibility. To set the visibility: general, protected or private, only certain people can read it.
  • Publish. publish immediately or scheduled at a specific time.
  • Publicize. This has to do with sharing on social media.
  • Readibility and SEO. This is an added feature if you are using an SEO plugin.
  • Move to trust. Click this if you want to discard articles that have been made. Dispose of in the trash. But this is not permanent, because you can still retrieve it from the trash

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