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How to Add Blog Authors

Posted at December 26th, 2020 | Categorised in How to

How to add blog authors on blogger?Adding the author to the blog is one solution to solve these problems:

  • The problem is too many webs and blogs exist on the internet, while the quality of the content is very low.
  • Due to the lack of competence possessed by the author, the problem is that not everyone who has the competence as a writer is able to create a quality web / blog. Even if he is capable, not necessarily everyone has the time and opportunity to manage it, because managing a web / blog requires keeping up with developments and trends. Then even if he is able and has time, it is not certain that he will have a lot of money for management costs, because blogging requires adequate capital for sustainable management.

If you intend to create a multi-author blog, that’s also great for SEO. Google really likes that ….

How to add? You can do this tutorial for the blogger platform blog :

  • Enter the dashboard >> Settings >> Permissions
  • On the Invite More Authors menu: Enter the email address of the prospective author.
  • On the Pending Author Invitations menu: You will see the number of authors that you have invited but have not accepted the invitation. The issue of not approving may also occur because he or she does not know that the invitation email message can go to the spam email inbox and it can also go to the social box. And to approve, it takes the email that is used by default as the main email on the PC or Android device that he uses.
  • On the Blog Admin and Author menu: You will be able to see the number and names that are ready to help you increase your blog content. You can also make him an admin at your level, it’s just that you need to be careful, because an author who has been made an admin can remove your position and he can also invite new authors like you before, he can also access settings and data as the blog owner on generally.

That’s how to add a blog writer, and also an admin. (Indonesian version)

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