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How to block all ads that appear when googling?

Posted at December 8th, 2020 | Categorised in How to

This is about “how to block all ads that appear when googling?” This because not all sites display the types of ads that are relevant to the articles being read.

The presence of advertisements on the Website / Blog by some internet users is considered very helpful as an alternative link to a site that is relevant to what they are looking for. But by some netizens it is considered very annoying, especially if the ad unit covers all screens such as pop up ads and vignettes.


Well, if you want to know how to block all ads that appear when googling, steps to do it are :

  • Click the Google Chrome app.
  • Click the three vertical dots present at the top right corner of the android screen
  • Click Settings
  • Click site settings

Furthermore, there are 3 menus that you can adjust: Javascript, Pop Up & Redirects and Ads. All 3 menus can be used or one of them.

  • Click Javascript. swipe / change permissions. Turn off button: allow sites to run javascript. In this menu you can also create + add site exclusions.
  • Click Pop up. swipe / change permissions. With this feature you can block sites from showing pop ups and redirects.
  • Click on ads. swipe / change permissions. This feature is used to block annoying and misleading ads

After you do this, the majority of sites will probably display a notification like this: “Please enable javascript to view our content!”

to fix the case, read this article! Don’t fail to understand this way.

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