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How to Buy Second Website?

Posted at December 7th, 2020 | Categorised in How to

How to Buy Second Website? there are many ways to buy a second website. But for those who haven’t, of course it’s a little strange.

Where can I find people selling second-hand websites? many media for that, including:

Flippa.PStore.Ceksite, WAG group, FBIG group and so on.

Make sure you find a website that fits and fits your pocket money.

How is the transaction method?

The way to buy and sell second websites is actually not much different from the way you buy a second cellphone, where you need COD if possible. This is important, to:

Ensuring that the items purchased can be specified before doing it. Ensuring that the seller and you as the buyer have good intentions for each other.

If COD is not possible, I highly recommend you to use a “joint account” service. As an intermediary between you and the seller. but you also have to be selective in choosing the service “joint account”, use the services that are most recommended. Because it indicates trustworthiness.


How is the technical implementation if we use “joint account” services?

The “joint account” service will usually create a WhatsApp group with only three members: the joint account service, the seller, and you as the buyer. Bargaining usually occurs in the WhatsApp group, you don’t need to be embarrassed … the existence of this “joint account” service will really help mediate and ensure that everything goes smoothly and safely. Both buyers and sellers are usually required to take selfies while holding the original KTP. then the buyer transfers an amount of money / price that has been agreed upon to the service account “joint account” and then the buyer is given access to the website to ensure that the website specifications are as desired. This actually relates to the exchange of data carried out by escorting the mediator, namely the “joint account” service. Just follow it, the most important thing in this case is that you must use a trusted “joint account” service. If everything has been agreed upon, the joint account service will transfer to the seller’s account. So this account is an intermediary. If the sale and purchase is not finished, “joint account” services will return your money. Such is the technical implementation. How much do “joint account” services cost? Some rarely go up to 3.5 $.
that’s a little technical explanation of how to buy a second website using a “joint account” service intermediary. The complete method of course depends on these services.


What is the positive value of buying a second website? Following are some of the advantages:

The website is well indexed by search engines, because it’s not new. Domain Authority is high, usually. Page Authority is high, usually this PA is aligned with the DATemplate, you just have to use it, you usually have to buy. There are already a lot of articles, usually, and so on.

If there is an advantage, there is also a potential loss. Here are the potential downsides:

If cheated, the potential for fraud is very open in the online world. (To prevent that from happening, it is important to ask for help from the services of “a trusted joint account to act as an intermediary) If you choose the wrong one, naturally, this is about used goods. (Therefore, it is important to have insight in everything, including identifying the website worth buying)

Generaly, how to buy a second website is the same as how to buy a second smartphone or second game acount. But you will need to use join acount service for most security of transaction.

So, good luck ….

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