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How to display author profile photo of the blog article?

Posted at December 15th, 2020 | Categorised in How to

How to display author profile photo of the blog article? This is very easy to do, but the most important is to prepare your most handsome or most beautiful photo and of course cover your genitals if you are Muslim. Why is this important? The reason is :

  • This photo is your identity as the author. So that it can affect the selling value of your writing.
  • Not a few visitors return to the site because they trust the person in the photo who is none other than the author. This can be a means of promotion for those of you who are single haha, and so on.

This is steps to display author profile photo of the blog article :

  • Blogger dashboard >> Settings
  • Scroll to the bottom menu, find the Blogger Profile menu (the text is blue) >> click!
  • Well, on the next page please fill in all the blank boxes: Don’t forget to check share my profile, upload profile photo, and fill in introducing yourself. These three points are very important for the purposes of displaying the author’s profile photo later.
  • Click save
  • Click the blogger icon in the upper left corner of your smartphone screen, to return to the blogger dashboard.
  • Click the Layout menu
  • Click edit in the lower right corner of the post layout
  • Check the Show My Profile Photo box Under Articles Click save.
  • Done

Visit one of your articles. See :

  • How handsome or beautiful you are, compare with the original while facing the mirror.
  • If you feel less handsome or less beautiful, replace the photo again with the tutorial described earlier.

That’s How to Display Author Profile Photos on Blogs.

For example, look at this blog! becouse on this websitoes.com i don’t like to display it.

If after practicing this method, your profile photo does not appear, contact your template seller, maybe there is a code that needs to be enabled or changed from “false” to “true” via your html template editor. Usually.

Good luck!

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