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How to Set Articles So That Can Only Be Accessed by Myself?

Posted at December 24th, 2020 | Categorised in How to

How to set articles so that can only be accessed by myself? It is possible and easy to privatize articles that are read only and accessible to oneself. How to?

This method is usually applied by people who are building a website or business blog, it can also be a school website / blog. But this is usually just the initial stage, a preparatory phase before launching.

It is very logical, because generally web / blog owners like that do not want to publish a site that is still in shambles and there are still many problems in it.

If you want a web / blog like that, it’s very easy. There are 2 ways you can do it, but if both are applied it can also be used to strengthen the dividing wall between your blog and netizens in total.

  1. Dynamic Way: By taking advantage of features change reader from general to special. This method can also be applied to online learning blogs to be privatized. The difference is this time you don’t proceed to the stage of inviting a special e-mail reader, so only you are the reader.
  2. Barbarian Way: By changing crawl access, which is turned on by default, scrolling to the left is not turned on.

Now, all your articles and blogs will only be accessible by yourself.

That’s how to set articles can only be accessed by yourself, namely by taking advantage of the privacy features that are available in the blogger settings menu.

Good luck!

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