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How to replace custom domain on blogger?

Posted at December 18th, 2020 | Categorised in How to

How to replace custom domain on blogger? it’s very easy, easier than connecting

This is the first step for a blog admin if he’s going to do any of these progresses:

  • Want to replace a custom domain with a better one, for example: want to replace websitoes.com with blogbelajar.com
  • Want to move the custom domain that is currently being used on blogger.com to another platform, for example: want to move websitoes.com to wordpress.org.
  • Want to move the custom domain to another .blogspot still under one account at blogger.com.
  • Forced to remove the custom domain because the domain has expired. so you have to go back to using the url. blogspot, for example: from websitoes.com to websitoes.blogspot.com. (for this one I express my sorrow hhe)

Whatever your goal, it is the same as this:

  • Go to blogger dashboard
  • Settings >> Publish >> Custom domain

Well, then there are 2 options:

  • If you want to remove, just click delete!
  • If you want to replace it with another domain (new or second), just replace the text with the replacement domain name text, you don’t need to leave it blank first. Then click save (usual, as custom domains for new domains proceed to the stage of adjusting a pair of cname ghs)

That’s how to remove a blogger custom domain. It’s easy, right? It’s just that you need to be careful for those who have more than one custom domain blog, be careful about the wrong dashboard – one dislodged domain hhe.

If then the domain will be used again in blogger, all that needs to be done in DNS web hosting is only to replace 2 CName. So you don’t need to delete the A record and change the name server direction.

If the next domain will be used in wordpres, it is important to delete the A Record and CName.

  • If it will be used in the web hosting where the domain is registered, it is enough to click reset domain settings.
  • If the hosting package is on a different webhosting, don’t forget to delete a record and cname before changing the nameserver direction. Because in some web hosting, if the nameservers have been directed to another webhosting, you can no longer move a record and cname. This is antisifation step, who knows if the cname and a record are not deleted it will result in an error in the setup process in another web hosting.

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