Hello world! Websitoes is About How to.

All articles published are based solely on personal knowledge, opinions and experiences. Not the result of a thorough and systematic research.

As an admin and sole author of this blog, I realize that writing quality articles is not easy. Especially if it must be generated regularly and consistently. Therefore, there is no way I can update every day. But even so, the content published on this blog is all original, my own writing. If there is any resemblance to content on other sites, it may just be a coincidence.

If there are deficiencies or errors in any matter related to the management of this blog, please forgive. Because admins and writers are human.

You don’t need to hesitate to give suggestions or criticism. Please just convey it via the comments column or via the contact form. But to be honest I would rather expect suggestions and criticisms that can increase knowledge, not unwarranted or arbitrary criticism.

Hopefully everything that is published on this blog will be of great use to everyone, especially me as an admin and author.

That’s about websitoes.

Indonesia, 12 December 2019


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